"Gifted!" M’sian Boy’s Proficiency in 4 Languages Amazes Netizens While Learning Tamil

Learning foreign languages has become a common practice in today's world. Indeed, it brings various benefits in terms of communication. Not only does it enable us to understand instructions or conversations, but it also allows us to speak in multiple languages.

gifted! m’sian boy’s proficiency in 4 languages amazes netizens while learning tamilPhoto via TikTok (@karinaimraneusoff)

Recently, a viral TikTok video showcased a young child learning the Tamil language, which captured the attention of many. In the video, a mother shared her child's impressive ability to speak in four languages: Malay, English, Chinese, and Tamil.

What's even more fascinating is that the child expressed a desire to learn Tamil, even though they had already mastered three other languages. While they had also started learning Chinese, their proficiency in it was not as advanced.

The child exhibited the skill of reading and writing in the Tamil script, leaving many in awe of their abilities. Comments from netizens poured in, with some expressing admiration, such as, "Wow, very talented! You could send the child to a Tamil tuition class, ma'am."

Following the viral spread of this video, it has garnered up to 496K views, 25K likes, and 1K comments on TikTok. The reactions from netizens varied, showcasing the diversity of responses from the online community.


Nak sangat belajar bahasa tamil 😆 padahal bahasa mandarin dia tak power lagi. Masalahnya bahasa melayu & english pun tak fasih lagi hahaha sis pening.

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This video serves as a testament to the multilingual and diverse culture in Malaysia, where individuals often acquire proficiency in multiple languages, reflecting the nation's rich linguistic and cultural tapestry.