Get Ready For Pro-Vaccine Upin & Ipin and Ranjit The Chicken in 2020!

It’s fun to let our imagination run wild sometimes, and what better place to do that than on Twitter.

Les’ Copaque, the creators of our favourite cartoon twin duo, Upin & Ipin, posted on Twitter that they are searching for ideas for the upcoming episodes of the series for the year 2020, and the Twitterverse did not disappoint!

One Twitter user suggested that the twins should dream about having hair.

Les Copaque responded and the result was more terrifying than we thought…

get ready for pro-vaccine upin & ipin and ranjit the chicken in 2020!Photo: Twitter Les' Copaque 

There was also a suggestion that Uncle Mutu be married to Kak Ros, and delivered a baby who is a BTS super fan called “Army”. How would that even work?

One Twitter user drafted a whole episode involving a high action cartoon universe crossover between Upin & Ipin and Boboiboy and we are here for it!

We’re not sure if this Twitter user is doing alright but a Upin and Ipin mix up suddenly turned our dramatic Indian boy, Jarjit, into a chicken…

This idea took a dark turn with Upin and Ipin only imagining Kak Ros and Opah, when in fact, their whole family had died in an accident. We are not ready for this...

We are not too sure how this would play out but after Upin and Ipin go to primary school, Mei Mei’s in love with Mail, Susanti goes back to Indonesia, Fizi falls for Ehsan, Opah died, Kak Ros married Tok Dalang, Salleh becomes a soldier and Uncle Muthu’s shop closed down because he wears too many singlets. This twitter user definitely had put a lot of thought into this!

We found a winner too! Upin and Ipin supporting the pro-vaccine movement!

We definitely had fun reading through all these creative responses and we hope to see some of these ideas (except maybe the one where Ranjit turns into a chicken) materialising in 2020!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya