Funds Raised To Settle Medical Bill For Premature Malaysian Baby Born In Singapore

funds raised to settle medical bill for premature malaysian baby born in singapore
Photo via South China Morning Post

In case you missed it, a Malaysian woman gave birth to a 24-week-old premature baby on February 22nd in Singapore.
Weighing at just 670 grammes at birth, Eloise Ang Xuan Rui can literally fit the palm of an adult hand!
Her parents, Ang Theam Seah and Koh Pei Ying, who work in Singapore, had planned to deliver their first child in Sungai Petani, Kedah, but Koh suddenly went into labour when she went for a medical checkup on February 22nd.
And because Eloise was born at only 24 weeks, many of her organs hadn’t fully developed and it was very difficult for the hospital to transfer her to Malaysia.
Ang and Koh were advised by their doctor to keep their baby under observation in the hospital's incubator for at least 160 days, with medical expenses projected to hit S$400,000 (RM1.25 million).
It didn’t take long for the news to reach Malaysian media, and before you knew it, well-wishers from around the world had raised RM1.2 million through a fundraiser, announced by Penang-based non-profit organisation, One Hope Charity & Welfare.
Its Chairman told the Malay Mail that the couple turned to One Hope Charity & Welfare for help as they could only bear about RM50,000 of the medical expenses.
The charity reached its goal within 29 hours of publishing the donation campaign on February 28th on its website.

【PART 2:筹款足够】父母在新加坡工作准备返马待产,不料胎龄仅24周大的女婴迫不及待急着见父母,犹如巴掌般大的她需要在育婴箱160天成长,尚缺120万令吉续命 【PART 2: Fundraising...

Posted by One Hope Charity & Welfare - 大山脚瑶池金母慈善基金会 on Monday, March 1, 2021

According to Mothership, Eloise can only leave the incubator on her expected date of delivery or when her condition becomes stable.
The baby’s skin has been described as nearly transparent, and she requires round-the-clock observation.
Our thoughts go out to Ang and Koh, and we pray for Eloise’s health.

by Kyle Roshen Jacob