Frontliners Celebrate The Closure Of Penang Mega PPV After 147 Days!

Smiles and joy of our frontliners can clearly be seen as they celebrate the closure of Penang’s mega vaccination centre (PPV) at Setia Spice Arena on Sunday (October 31st).

frontliners celebrates the closure of penang mega ppv after 147 days!Photo via Facebook S P Setia (Setia SPICE, Penang)

The state’s chief minister, Chow Kon Yeow, who officiated the closure of the mega PPV announced that 100% of Penang’s adult population had already received their second COVID-19 jabs.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude  to everyone’s commitment here in ensuring the safety and security of the state and our people,” he said as reported by BERNAMA.

Frontliners and volunteers from various departments cherished moments and reminisced their services while at the mega PPV for the past 147 days.

"U are the LEGACY in MALAYSIA's history.'' Setia SPICE Arena PPV Mega bid a heartfelt farewell to each and every team members, volunteers, frontliners, and everyone who has shown such warm dedication, patience, and perseverance in this journey. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifices for the nation to achieve herd immunity. Checking out for now. Setia SPICE Arena PPV Mega is officially closed. It is our pleasure to be part of your vaccination journey. We hope that you will be continuing to adhere to the SOP for your own safety as well as the people around you. Stay Safe! #SetiaSPICE #spiceppv #StayTogetherStaySetia #Notagoodbye

Posted by S P Setia on Sunday, October 31, 2021

Among them was Major Mohd Kalimi Idris from the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), who said every frontliner there had great camaraderie and was working well with one another as if they were all brothers in arms.

He added that most of his team are happy and celebrating the friendships they made along the way, while others were having mixed emotions knowing that they might not get to meet each other as often.

Aww, this is so sweet!

“Overall, I am personally happy that the PPV was run pretty successfully and I am glad to play a role that makes Penang a safer place to be,” he told BERNAMA.

"U are the LEGACY in MALAYSIA's history.'' The official closing ceremony as a vaccination centre was held today at...

Posted by S P Setia on Sunday, October 31, 2021

Thank you frontliners for volunteering your time and energy to make sure that Malaysians are safe against this deadly virus! We wouldn’t be here without you guys!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat