From Greece To Malaysia, Just For Nasi Lemak

from greece to malaysia, just for nasi lemakPhoto: 123rf

We’re sure each and every one of us has had a hankering for good old plate of Nasi Lemak before. But how many of us would travel 9600km for it?

Youtuber and travel blogger Dareen Cronian was in Athens when he decided to travel halfway across the world for a plate of Nasi Lemak after seeing a couple of Instagram photos of his favourite dish. Despite having his ferry and hotel booked in Athens, Darren decided to cancel all his arrangements because he just couldn’t find a Malaysian restaurant that served Nasi Lemak in Greece.

He first flew to Singapore where he had a 6-hour layover and had his first plate of Nasi Lemak at Changi Airport. It was his first after about six to seven months (we probably wouldn’t be able to wait that long, to be honest!).

He later flew to Malaysia where he had his second serving of Nasi Lemak with fried chicken (of course).

In an interview with Malay Mail, Darren mentioned that has been a true fan of Nasi Lemak ever since he tasted the dish 5 years ago when he first visited our country. In a video titled “I’m addicted to Nasi Lemak in Kuala Lumpur” posted back in 2018, he described the beauty of our national dish in ways that even made our mouths water;

“You don’t realize the ingredients that go into making it. You got the coconut milk in the rice, you got the peanut and anchovies you got the oily greasy fried chicken you got the cucumber and obviously the egg and the spicy sambal sauce and all of that mix together is just and incredible taste…if you mix that all together and eat it on a spoon, its like fireworks going off in your mouth. And I’m not dramatizing this. The taste and the smell are just delicious!”

On top of our local food, Darren also considers Malaysia as his second home and that he’s been to Kuala Lumpur more than any other cities in the world.

We are delighted that Darren is able to share our love and passion for our local cuisine. Now that we’re done writing this, guess it’s time for a plate of Nasi Lemak?

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya