Former Child Actors Band Together Selling Preloved Items To Help Those In Need!

If you grew up watching movies like Tentang Bulan, Mukhsin or Hikayat Putera Shazlan, you might’ve seen these child actors' faces on your television screens before! 

former child actors band together selling preloved items to help those in need!Photo via Instagram (Syafie Naswip)

Fully aware of the hardships that Malaysians are currently facing this pandemic, a group of former child actors have come together to help those in need. 

Actor Syafie Naswip, together with other child actors like Amelia Henderson, Naim Daniel, Erynne Erynna, Izzy Reef, even Que Haidar have sold off some of their preloved items on Instagram for the cause! 

Mukhsin star, Syafie came up with the idea to sell off preloved items for charity after many had reached out to him asking for assistance. 

Actor and singer, Naim Daniel also told Berita Harian that they started publicising their charity work through social media to gain even more assistance. 

“If we can’t donate in terms of cash, why don’t we use social media to help people? Since the pandemic hit, many people have struggled. So we want to help those who reached out to us for help.

“And at the same time, we want to bridge the gap and stigma of claiming that celebrities are well-off, live lavishly and don’t really care about other people. But honestly, we are affected, too. We, as Malaysians, feel the pain, too,” he continued. 

Other than raising funds for charity, these former child actors have also been vocal about mental health issues, as well as contributing their time to volunteer at vaccination centres in the Klang Valley area. 

Syafie has also tried to auction a trophy that he won at the 25th Malaysia Film Festival. 

“If God wills it, the money I earned from the auction will be donated to those in need,” he said. 

Naim Daniel also expressed that the efforts made by him and his friends will at least ease the burdens of the people who are affected by the current pandemic. 

This is what being Malaysian is all about! 

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We’re all in this together, guys. Stay safe and take care! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat