Foreigner Cleans Out Their Car By Throwing Rubbish On The Road, Malaysians Enraged!

Please do not litter, no matter where you are! 

foreigner cleans out their car by throwing rubbish on the road, malaysians enraged!Photo via Facebook (@inforoadblock)

Recently, a video went viral of a foreigner cleaning rubbish out of their car by dumping it onto the road.

The foreigner, believed to be from Singapore can be seen throwing trash out of their car while in an outdoor parking lot. The caption reads: “A Singaporean driver throwing rubbish from their vehicle onto the car park.

The driver’s action enraged Malaysians who then said that if they were to do this in their homeland, they would be severely punished by the law, “Are they only disciplined in their own country?” one person wrote. 

Tular di media sosial kenderaan warga Singapora membuang sampah dari kenderaan di kawasan parking.. #inforoadblock

Posted by Inforoadblock on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Well, we believe that not all Singaporeans are like that! It always comes down to your own attitude!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat