From Oyen to Puntianak: Foreign TikToker's Search for Malay Words Leaves Netizens Hysterical!

Are you ready for a good laugh? 

We have a hilarious story to share today! A foreign influencer known as the ‘Google’ guy, with the handle @angelrios777, recently posted several TikTok videos of himself searching for Malay words. 

from oyen to puntianak: foreign tiktoker's search for malay words leaves netizens hysterical!Photo via TikTok (angelrios777)

To his surprise, it was Malaysians who requested him to look up these words.

One of the words that caught his attention was 'Oyen', which is a term for a cute and furry feline friend in Malaysia. This adorable cat, with its striking orange coat and lovable demeanor, has gained immense popularity on social media. Though not as juicy as an orange, it is certainly as sweet.

The 'Google' guy also stumbled upon the word 'Puntianak', which refers to a female spirit that is believed to haunt the night and can be quite terrifying. With her long hair and eerie dress, she's like something out of a horror movie.

As the 'Google' guy delved deeper into his search for Malay words, he encountered a vast array of topics, ranging from food to animals to Malaysian ghosts. 

His reactions were priceless, as he went through a gamut of emotions

The 'Google' guy's facial expressions were comical, as he appeared shocked, traumatized, and puzzled all at once, reminiscent of a character from a comedy movie.

@angelrios777 Replying to @oukahaku #google #reaction ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Kudos to Malaysians for having such a great sense of humor and welcoming the 'Google' guy with open arms. It's refreshing to see how they celebrate cultural exchange with a good dose of laughter.

In all honesty, these videos are pure gold and a great source of entertainment!