For The Last Time, Mouthwash Is Not A Cure For Coronavirus!

for the last time, mouthwash is not a cure for coronavirus!

Photo via The Economic Times

This has been said time and time again, mouthwash is NOT a cure for COVID-19!

Last year, there were plenty of internet trolls recommending fake remedies and practices that could purportedly cure COVID-19, and drinking mouthwash was by far one of the most popular.

But for some reason, coming into 2021, people are still trying to spread this gospel, and what’s worse is there are some people who still blindly believe this nonsense.

The Health Ministry (MOH) has had to once again come forward to rubbish a recent viral poster, claiming “Malaysian experts” have found that using mouthwash three times a day for four days straight can kill the coronavirus.

It also claimed that MOH has been notified of these “new findings”.

The ministry took to Twitter to clarify that using mouthwash is merely a method of preventing COVID-19, just as we use hand sanitisers or wash our hands frequently.

MOH has urged the public to not be easily fooled by such posts, and only refer to updates posted by the ministry

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Nevertheless, there are studies being done on the effects of mouthwash on COVID-19, but for now, stop believing anything and everything you see on social media.


by Kyle Roshen Jacob