Football? Basketball? Or Both?

Step aside Ronaldo, move over Safawi, there’s a new footballer in town putting all the best goals in football history to shame.

football? basketball? or both?Photo: Twitter Nur Fadilah

A viral video of a group of girls playing futsal went viral over the past few days. What seems like a normal football game suddenly took a surprising turn when one of the players, Nur Fadilah scored a rather peculiar goal.

Aiming for the goal post, Nur Fadilah’s upright kick took the ball flying up and miraculously into a basketball hoop! The scene that followed was the group of girls celebrating their friend’s rather unconventional goal.

Nu Fadilah was surely surprised as she tweeted “Today is in history. My first time scoring a goal like this, the best I’ve ever scored,” wrote Nur Fadilah.”

The nine-second clip, reportedly recorded at a small University of Technology (UTM) Skudai Johor at a small makeshift futsal court caught the attention of many in the Twitterverse, clearly impressed by Nur Fadilah’s capability to score a truly remarkable goal.

What’s more impressive, Nur Fadilah’s extraordinary goal even caught the attention of FIFA Women’s World Cup organisation.

FIFA Women’s World Cup official Twitter account tweeted that they received the video from one of their followers, asking them to give the title “Goal of The Year” to Nur Fadhilah because let’s be honest... it’s was truly a once in a lifetime type of goal, in which FIFA answered “Well technically…” followed by a series of emojis.

If that’s not enough, the World Cup champion and two-time Olympic gold medallist, former soccer goalkeeper for the United States women's national soccer team, Hope Solo also responded to the viral video, claiming she couldn’t have possibly stopped that rather “tricky” goal.

We obviously enjoyed watching the girls having such a good time as do others, and we hope that Nur Fadilah will keep practicing her kicking techniques and one day be playing alongside football legends!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya