Food Delivery Riders Join Together To Deliver Food To The Frontliners

It’s so simple but somehow makes us all believe that humanity and kindness still exist!

Twitter user @nightrider_kl shared a video that instantly went viral, of FoodPanda riders who were willing to share a portion of their income to buy food for the COVID-19 frontliners.

We consider them to be frontliners, as they too, work hard night and day delivering food to us during this pandemic!

In the video, a group of FoodPanda riders is seen distributing food to the frontliners who were working the night shift, which includes police officers who were on patrol duty, doctors, nurses and soldiers manning the roadblocks. 

The video has since garnered over 335 thousand views. Folks on Twitter were quick to praise the selfless act.

FoodPanda riders from all over the country have also come together to give back to our frontliners, who are risking their health and safety every single day, just to keep us all safe!

It’s heartwarming to see such generosity and how much Malaysians care for each other. We’ll get through this pandemic if we stick together! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat