Floodwaters Wash Away Family Home In Hulu Langat, Leaving Only The Front Steps

Thousands of Malaysians have lost their homes and belongings due to the floods.

A house in Kampung Jawa, Hulu Langat was washed away by the floodwaters, leaving only its front steps.

floodwaters wash away family home in hulu langat, leaving only the front stepsPhoto via Harian Metro

Rodiah Mahfuz said her parents’ ancestral home in Batu 18, Kampung Jawa, Hulu langat was hit by floodwaters following heavy rain on Saturday (December 18th).

“Only the brick steps are left after the house was washed away by the flood early this morning,” she told New Straits Times.

She added, her eldest sister, 75-year-old Rohana Mahfuz was staying at the house and that she was the one who informed the rest of the family that the water level had begun to rise at about midnight. 

Villagers advised Rohana to vacate the house and take shelter at the home of a close family member.

“My sister was fortunate as she was able to drive out to a relative’s house near the area. However, documents such as identity cards, furniture and other items could not be saved due to the severe flooding.

“The house was washed away. I asked relatives near the area to inspect the house and they later confirmed that it had been destroyed with only the stairs left,” she told reporters.

Rodiah said she has six siblings, including those living in Salak Tinggi, Bangsar and Melaka. Her eldest sister lives alone in the family home after their parents passed away. 

The house had suffered severe damage due to floods 30 years ago, but nothing else happened until it was washed away on Sunday. 

Aww, it was a beautiful home. Our hearts are broken.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat