Five Men In India Caught Cheating During Tests To Qualify For Government Teaching Job


Indian police recently arrested five men who were caught cheating during a test to qualify for a government teaching job.

According to The National News, 1.6 million people sat for the exam, of which 31,000 are available in 4,000 centres in the state, while tens of thousands of police officers stood guard outside exam venues to deter cheating.

five men in india caught cheating during tests to qualify for government teaching jobPhoto via South China Morning Post

The men were caught with tiny receivers hidden in their ears hooked up to sim cards hidden in their flip flops to cheat in an exam to become a teacher in western Rajasthan. 

Police said they arrested the men from Bikaner district as they attempted to enter the exam venue wearing “customised flip flops” with a sim card concealed inside. 

“The slippers had a sim card and the candidates had a tiny Bluetooth bug implanted in their ears. In one case, we had to take a doctor’s intervention to find the bug as it was so deeply implanted,” said Bikaner’s leading police officer, Priti Chandra.

Chandra also said the rubber flip flops were designed by a gang that sold them to candidates appearing for the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers.

Each pair was made for 30,000 rupees which is around RM1,692 and then sold to the candidates for 600,000 rupees, which is around RM33,854. Unbelievable!

five men in india caught cheating during tests to qualify for government teaching jobPhoto via The National News

Cheating, graud, imposters and paper leaks are common at exams across India, which attract tens of thousands of people competing in a cut-throat contest for only a handful of jobs.

Candidates now have progressed from using conventional cheating methods, such as concealed paper notes to high-tech devices. 

Oh dear, please do not cheat during an exam, guys! It’s very unethical. 

Always try to do your best and if the result is not what you expected, then it’s okay. There’s always time to improve yourself. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat