“It’s Designed For Traffic!” M’sians Vote Federal Highway As The Most Congested Road In Klang Valley

The traffic situation in Klang Valley is undeniably challenging, and we find ourselves wondering how to convey this reality to those fortunate Malaysians who are not subjected to the daily ordeal of navigating Klang Valley's congested roads.

“it’s designed for traffic!” m’sians vote federal highway as the most congested road in klang valleyPhoto via The Star

Recently, a discussion arose on social media, initiated by a user named @wanafiq, who posed a question about the intense traffic in the area. He inquired, "Which highway experiences the worst traffic during peak hours when you're commuting to work and returning home?"

Netizens shared various responses based on their own experiences and locations. However, one answer in particular resonated with many, and if you've never grappled with the nightmarish traffic on this highway, you might not truly be a Klang Valley resident.

"This highway seems to be designed for traffic," they declared.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you, as ranked by the majority of netizens, the Federal Highway!

This highway has been "voted" as the one plagued by the worst traffic during peak hours, and netizens had their unique ways of describing the traffic woes:

"Federal Highway. It's like it was built to endure perpetual traffic."

"Nowhere else compares, except maybe the NPE Highway from Bangsar and the Federal Highway."

"Federal Highway, without a doubt. The traffic starts as early as 6:30 am from Shah Alam."

"Definitely the Federal. Just imagine the traffic even without tolls."

"Of course, it's the Federal Highway, and it's relentless. It takes forever to get from Shah Alam to Subang Jaya!"

"Federal Highway. Whether there are tolls or not, the traffic remains a mystery."

What are your thoughts on this?