Netizens Impressed By Malaysian Father's Clever Use of Plastic Container and Soap for School Uniform

As students gear up for another term of school, a clever Malaysian dad has devised a nifty solution to streamline his household chores.

Coach Dave Thomas, hailing from Malaysia, recently showcased his innovative cleaning hack on TikTok (@coachdavethomas), and we're all ears for this game-changing revelation.

netizens impressed by malaysian father's clever use of plastic container and soap for school uniformPhoto via TikTok (@coachdavethomas)

Instead of wrestling with a bulky washing machine for just one school uniform, Dave opted for a DIY approach…

Armed with a red lid container filled with detergent, he demonstrated his method in a brief video. Placing his child's white shirt into the container, Dave sealed it shut before embarking on what can only be described as his own manual washing machine.

With a series of deft tilts and swishes, Dave simulated the washing cycle, ensuring the garment was thoroughly cleansed. It's a hands-on approach to laundry that garnered attention and applause from online viewers.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many lauding Coach Dave's ingenuity. Some couldn't resist cracking jokes about the "true definition of a hand wash," while others confessed they'd adopt this method for small loads in the future.

In a lighthearted exchange, one user joked, "Oh, this is the real manual way, brother. If the dirt is stubborn, you'd have to double the amount of hand strength for this!"

And it seems Dave isn't alone in his resourcefulness, as another user chimed in, "My goodness, I thought it was just me who does this, but there are other people who do it as well! Busted for sure."

@coachdavethomas Mesin Basuh Minimalist#StopMotion ♬ Ini Parah Ni - A Kiil Mustafa

Coach Dave's DIY washing machine really shows that humans are a creative being and a reminder that sometimes, the best solutions are the ones we craft ourselves.