Farewell Concrete Jungle, Hello Backyard Jungle

farewell concrete jungle, hello backyard junglePhoto: Sue Kz

Many of us dream of a big house in the city, filled with nice, new, shiny things. 

Twitter user Sue Kz raised some questions when she did the complete opposite. She bought a piece of land with an old kampung house and when people asked her why, they laughed at her answer.

She then took to Twitter to share her reasons. As with everything in life, money dominates. At the same time, money is also the root of many problems. Due to the fluctuating economy, relying completely on money may not be a good idea in the event something happens. While having financial security is great, it isn’t really all that secure. Sue elaborated that natural resources, on the other hand, are far more promising. Having vegetables, fruits, free-range livestock, rearing cows for milk as well as bees for honey and pollination would be a complete self-sustaining cycle on its own. The crashing economy and climbing prices will not be a worry if she can grow her own food, after all! The best part? This can even be turned into a business, and thus serve as our source of income.

farewell concrete jungle, hello backyard junglePhoto: Sue Kz

She also added that we can make rather than buy products, which would help with cutting costs. The kampung lifestyle would also give any children you have to be closer to nature - climbing trees and jumping into puddles definitely beat lepak-ing in shopping malls. 

farewell concrete jungle, hello backyard junglePhoto: Sue Kz

Another major benefit Sue pointed out is that while robbers can rob you of money, you can’t grow that back, unlike with the vegetables, fruits and chickens that are easily replenished.

Also, we get to pay less for a bigger place! A small condo in town would cost way more than any kampung house. Not to mention the reduced living costs thanks to lesser traffic and tolls. 

farewell concrete jungle, hello backyard junglePhoto: Sue Kz

Sue added that the value of money is dropping every day, but the value of natural resources just keep increasing and we should never underestimate the power of natural resources. 

A sustainable, ecofriendly, secure, cost-saving, healthy lifestyle - just the way the older generation lived, is the reason behind why this young lady is giving up the city life.

As Sue quoted from Jon Jandai, “To be different is good”. 

Would you move to the kampung?

By: Celestine Foo