Lucky Fan Goes Viral After ZEROBASEONE Member Joins Their Dance Video Challenge!

TikTok dance challenges have become a beloved way for fans to connect with their favourite idols. It's always a thrill when an idol notices a fan's effort, and in some cases, the interaction leads to a heartwarming and unforgettable moment. 

lucky fan goes viral after zerobaseone member joins their dance video challenge!Photo via Instagram (@jojoleplusbeauu) & X (@sapphorae)

This is exactly what happened with a fan and ZEROBASEONE's Zhang Hao, creating a TikTok memory that went viral for all the right reasons.

On April 20th, ZEROBASEONE was performing at a special Music Bank show in Antwerp, Belgium. During some free time, the group members decided to explore the city, leading to an unexpected encounter.

One TikTok user, a long-time fan of ZEROBASEONE, was dancing to their song "In Bloom" in the streets of Antwerp. The user, who was showcasing some impressive dance moves, never expected that one of the idols would notice and join in. But that's precisely what happened when Zhang Hao spotted the fan dancing and decided to participate in the challenge.

In the video, you can see Zhang Hao running over with a huge smile, ready to join the fan for the final few seconds of the dance. He didn't hesitate to wave and bow to the fan, creating an electric atmosphere as the crowd around them cheered in delight. 

What made the moment even more special was Zhang Hao's genuine enthusiasm; he could have just passed by, but instead, he chose to create an unforgettable memory for a dedicated fan.


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The interaction quickly went viral, with netizens gushing over the adorable scene. Many praised Zhang Hao for his kind-hearted nature and how he went out of his way to engage with a fan, turning a simple dance challenge into a treasured memory. 

The reaction to the video highlighted the strong bond between idols and their fans, showing that even in their busy lives, idols like Zhang Hao appreciate the support they receive and are willing to make time for their fans.

In the end, this heartwarming moment serves as a reminder that, despite their celebrity status, idols are just as kind and down-to-earth as we hope they are. 

It's these spontaneous connections that make the world of K-pop so special and inspire fans to keep sharing their love through dance challenges and other creative ways.