Fan-made Indomie x Nike Air Jordan 1 Yin Yang Design Goes Viral

fan-made indomie x nike air jordan 1 yin yang design goes viralMain image via The Star

Are you one of those who loves something so much you would literally wear it on your sleeve? Perhaps a Potterhead that would adorn a Hogwarts-inspired hoodie, or a massive Star Wars fan that dresses in costume every time May 4th comes around? Well, if your dedication towards Indomie is just as strong, you may just be in luck.

Instagram user Mr. Simply Custom (@mr.s.custom) posted pictures of the customized Air Jordan 1 Yin Yang, which now sport bold, bright hues of red, yellow, and green instead of the usual black and white. It’s hard to miss the inspiration for the design, with the Indomie logo slapped at the heels of the shoes.


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In an interview with Jakarta Post, the 23-year-old Indonesian graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, Jonathan “Jonas” Gustana, attributed his inspiration to another Instagram user, @arifwhy.

For the Indomie custom design, I was actually inspired by a Photoshop rendition posted by @arifwhy on Instagram a week ago. I merely brought his design to life.


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I just thought it would be cool to have an actual pair of Air Jordans with the Indomie design. It think it’s a cute way of expressing one’s loyalty to an Indonesian food brand that has also gained popularity in other countries.

After the post went viral, Jonathan opened a limited order of 20 pairs at Rp 3.3mil (RM960) each. He will also be displaying these kicks at the Indonesian Comic Con in October.

This is so cool! Now, can someone please make a Maggi or Mammee Monster version for us?