Fake Fashion Turned High Fashion

fake fashion turned high fashion

Fashion is what you make it to be, and there is no right or wrong way. It’s simply about having confidence and being bold enough to pull it off. In the case of Wan Farah, she wore a ‘rempit FILA dress’ to the biggest fashion show in town - KL Fashion Week.

The whole thing started out as a joke, with Twitter user @suhailnawawi posting a picture of the said brown dress. Hanging from a rack, the top half of the dress appears relatively normal, with a large “FILA” branding on the left side. The bottom half, however, is a bit of a shocker. There are light brown ruffles with polka dots going around the dress. A fashion faux pas, everyone would say.

Wan Farah then jokingly retweeted the picture of the dress, saying she would go to KL Fashion Week dressed in that if her tweet gets 10 retweets. (Un)fortunately, it surpassed 1, 000 (and still counting) retweets.

Her friend Adam took her up on the challenge and sourced for help to buy and mail the dress all the way from Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur. Twitter user @hannie_iela obliged and the dress reached Farah just in time for KLFW. 

fake fashion turned high fashion

Despite having reservations and insecurities, Farah summoned the courage to do what she promised to - and completely rocked that dress too! She posted the results on Twitter and Instagram, and received extremely positive response and encouragement.

fake fashion turned high fashion

It doesn’t have to be a fancy label to look good. We think Farah really pulled off the dress! Would you have rocked a dress like this to a fashion show?