“Emergency! Please Buy Towel & Send It To The Door” - Delivery Rider Shares Customer’s Weird Request

They probably went into the shower and realized their towels are all in the laundry? Well… that COULD possibly be the reason!

A delivery rider recently shared the weirdest request from a customer and netizens were amused. 

“emergency! please buy towel & send it to the door” - delivery rider shares customer’s weird requestPhoto via TikTok (@d4ddy55)

On TikTok, the delivery rider shared a video of his phone screen showing the request he got from one of his customers. His caption reads: “Haih, today’s challenge.”

The message on the delivery app reads: “Please help buy bath towels and send them to the front door. Emergency, really need to use it.”

The delivery rider also felt a little confused by the request, however, he obliged and went to get the towels anyways. 

@d4ddy55 haih dugaan lagi 😌 #grabfood ♬ original sound - 🐤💛

One person commented: “Just make sure they don’t ask you to wrap the towel for them. Be careful, Abang!” which made the internet laugh.

The video has since garnered over 447.3 thousand views, over 38.7 thousand likes, and 846 comments.

What a funny request! What do you guys think happened that they needed the towel so urgently?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat