Elderly Man Brought Prawns And Petai So His Daughter Could Cook For Him As He Misses His Wife’s Cooking

Every Malaysian knows, there is little that tastes better than mum’s home-cooked food!

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok of an elderly man who is missing his wife’s cooking and brought ingredients to his daughter’s house so that she could cook for him.

elderly man brought prawns and petai so his daughter could cook for him as he misses his wife’s cookingPhoto via TikTok (@stapagonjeng)

Her father told her that he hadn't tasted “his wife’s” cooking for a long time, which is why he asked her to prepare his favorite dish, sambal udang with petai.

In the video, the man can be seen happily eating his sambal udang with some white rice. The woman then packed some of the extra sambal udang in a tupperware for him to bring home. 

The video has since garnered over 236.6 thousand views at the time of writing. Many in the comment section also shared similar experiences of losing a parent.



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“I wish nothing but the best for Uncle. May God bless him with good health and happiness,” one person said.

This video warms our hearts! We’re glad that he still has families who could care for him!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat