Ed Sheeran Explores 7-Eleven Snacks in Bangkok During Tour, Amusing Netizens!

Ed Sheeran, the famous singer known for songs like 'Shape of You', recently shared a heartwarming glimpse into his everyday adventures on TikTok, this time from a 7 Eleven in bustling Bangkok. 

In his video, Ed could be seen taking us on a journey through the aisles, exploring the variety of snacks available.

ed sheeran explores 7-eleven snacks in bangkok during tour, amusing netizens!Photo via TikTok (@edsheeran)

For many, including Malaysians and Sheeran alike, stepping into a 7 Eleven in Thailand feels like discovering a treasure trove of convenience! It's often the first stop for most people as soon as they land in Thailand. 

What makes the 7-Eleven experience in Thailand so special? It's the incredible selection of convenient foods that cater to every craving and occasion, available all day long and scattered conveniently across cities, especially in Bangkok.

In the video, Sheeran's genuine excitement is evident as he browses the shelves, considering which treats to try, “Snacking in Thailand, 7/11 style!” his caption reads. 

From chewy jellies to refreshing green tea drinks, he doesn't hold back, even indulging in some unusual choices like seaweed chips and dinosaur-shaped snacks. How cute! 

But amidst the playful exploration, it's the simple pleasure of enjoying a jelly that truly captures Sheeran's heart!

As the video spread across social media, it sparked a wave of delight and nostalgia among fans. Comments poured in and netizens were amused by his excitement and recalling their own fond memories of 7 Eleven trips.


snackin’ in Thailand 7/11 style

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And while there was some playful banter about Sheeran's snack choices, with suggestions of cheese toasties being the ultimate treat, the true essence of the video remained clear: it's not just about the snacks themselves, but the joy of discovery and connection that they bring, even in the simplest of moments.