Ebit Lew Gets Home For Homeless Woman Who Sleeps Under A Tree For 14 Years

The internet’s favourite preacher, Ustaz Ebit Lew has once again made someone’s day with his kindness and generosity!

This time his help comes in the form of a house for a 62-year-old woman, Maaletchmy, who has been sleeping under a tree for the past 14 years. 

ebit lew gets home for homeless woman who sleeps under a tree for 14 yearsPhoto via Facebook (Ebit Lew)

Ustaz Ebit said that he had noticed the aunty before, collecting scrap metal for a living and she also had a grocery cart that she uses to carry all her stuff.

In his Facebook post, Ustaz Ebit said that he was shocked to find out that she has been sleeping on the street for that long.

When visiting Meeletchmy, Ustaz Ebit said that some scrap metal business owners were so happy to greet him and they told Ebit Lew that they were worried about her safety.

ebit lew gets home for homeless woman who sleeps under a tree for 14 yearsPhoto via Facebook (Ebit Lew)

According to Malay Mail, while getting to know Maaletchmy, she opened up to Ustaz Ebit and told him that she was previously married and she had also rented a place to stay but was then forced to leave as she was unable to pay for her rent. 

His caption reads: “Then I offered her a free rental house but she rejected. She told me to give it to someone else who needs it more than her as she was still healthy and able to work to get food for herself.”

But after much persuasion, Ustaz Ebit managed to get Maaletchmy to stay at Petaling Jaya’s Mentari Court and even bought her some new clothes and house supplies while waiting for the keys to her new home! 

Hari air mata. Pilu rasa hati. Aunty Maaletchmy ni tidur di bawah pokok kecil selama 14 tahun. Kerja kutip besi. Makcik...

Posted by Ebit Lew on Monday, May 10, 2021

Ustaz Ebit said that he was happy that he was able to accompany Maaletchmy to her new home and they even brought along her trolley and essentials.

“At first she thought that I was joking when I told her I want to get her a new home and then she cried when she found out that I was serious. She told me that she won’t have to run to find shelter when it's raining and was very grateful,” he said in the post. 

We are glad that Ustaz Ebit Lew found her! We hope that Aunty Maaletchny is safe and happy in her new home! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat