Dutchman Claims He Can Speak 29 Languages… Until He Met A Kelantanese Woman!

A Dutch content creator named Wouter Corduwener claims that he could speak 29 languages!

During his travels, he is well-known for posting videos on social media in which he converses with strangers in their own languages and offers a prize to the other person who speaks a language he cannot.

dutchman claims he can speak 29 languages… until he met a kelantanese woman!Photo via Twitter (@AmirRozali)

Recently, he shared a video on Facebook in which he offered €20 or RM92.50 to anyone who could converse in a language that he couldn’t. 

For the first 2 minutes, he has been successful in speaking every language with the strangers he came across, until…

He met a Malaysian woman who one-upped him by speaking Bahasa Melayu, in the Kelantanese diaclect which earned her €20. Smart girl! 

But apparently, she would’ve still won the money if she speaks regular Malay as Wouter speaks Bahasa Indonesia, which might sound the same, but is a completely different language! 

Malaysian netizens commented that the woman has made the country proud, and jokingly said: “You just lost to the Republic of Kelantan. Even most Malaysians don’t understand their dialect!”

Being able to speak 29 languages is pretty impressive. Maybe Wouter would want to learn how to understand dialects next?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat