Malaysian Driver's Ingenious Job Search Idea Goes Viral, Receives Several Calls From Recruiters

Naziruddin Najohan, a 25-year-old Grab driver, was struggling to find a full-time job. He had been applying for months, but he had not had any luck...

malaysian driver's ingenious job search idea goes viral, receives several calls from recruitersPhoto via Twitter (@naziruddin19)

One day, Naziruddin had an idea. He would attach his resume to the back of the headrests of his car, so that passengers would see it.

Naziruddin was skeptical at first, but he was willing to try anything. To his surprise, his plan worked!

Within two weeks, Naziruddin had received several calls from recruiters. He was even invited to interview for a job at a prestigious e-commerce company.

Naziruddin is now one step closer to his dream job, and he is grateful to the Malaysians who helped him along the way.

"I am so grateful to the kindness of Malaysians who assisted me in securing a job," he said. "I never thought that my small effort would yield such great results."

Naziruddin's story is a heartwarming reminder that there are still good people in the world who are willing to help others. It is also a reminder that there is no such thing as a bad idea. 

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most effective…

We hope Naziruddin gets the job he is hoping for. He deserves it!