Driver Crashes Into Streetlight While Avoiding Car Making Illegal U-turn, Sparks Debate Who Was Actually In The Wrong

In a Facebook group, one user recently shared dashcam footage showing a car hitting a street light while attempting to avoid a white car that made an illegal u-turn.

driver crashes into streetlight while avoiding car making illegal u-turn, sparks debate who was actually in the wrongPhoto via Facebook (Ahmad Aliff Nasrullah)

The incident, believed to have happened in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, shows a driver trying to avoid a white car that was making an illegal u-turn, at the expense of his own car as the driver accidentally hit a street light while the white car fled the scene.

The victim then shared some photos showing the damages on his car and the car plate number of the white car that sped off. 

He also added a brief update at the end of the post, saying that he had managed to track down the owner of the white car who had agreed to cover the costs of the damages. 

Internet users, however, pointed out from the dashcam video that both parties were in the wrong. Some blamed the white car for making the illegal u-turn while others thought the victim was driving over the speed limit. 

Sapo2 kenal Tuan Keto ni, Edjust PM direct... Nok ajok minum air... URGENT DEH.. Lps Dio U-turn BODO td, Dio lari g2...

Posted by Ahmad Aliff Nasrullah on Thursday, 2 February 2023

“The white car is wrong, because you can’t make a u-turn there, there’s a double line. The victim is wrong for speeding. The street light on the other hand, is clearly innocent.”

What do you guys think of this?