Down Syndrome Girl Bullied Online, Netizens Stood Up For Her

The internet should be a place for us to inspire, spread positivity and kindness- but that’s just not the case.’s impossible to control and filter everything that is shared on the internet. 

down syndrome girl bullied online, netizens stood up for herPhoto via Twitter (@farahalien)

One girl with down syndrome, Puteri Bulan, has been 'bullied' on TikTok by strangers who left negative comments on her videos. 

Twitter user, @farahlien, admitted that she was upset when TikTok videos uploaded by Puteri Bulan was tainted with bad words, believed to have been written by other kids who are also on the app. 

The video also caught the attention of a famous actress and entrepreneur, Neelofa, who admitted to being upset with the comments.

Neelofa said, in her tweet: “Sad that she has to face all this negativity when all she’s doing is just spreading positivity and having fun. Keep doing you, Puteri Bulan!”

The video also showed Puteri Bulan shedding tears due to the bullying. 

The tweet has since gained over 12 thousand retweets and over 22 thousand likes.

Bullying isn’t okay! A person who is bullied may struggle with depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and eating, loneliness, and decreased achievement in school.

Let’s be kinder and more compassionate towards each other! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat