Don’t Throw Away Your Durian Seeds! You Can Turn Them Into Chips!

Apparently, you can turn durian seeds into chips. We mean like... durian seed keropok! 

Durian season is here and Malaysians are going crazy over the marvelous fruit, and are even willing to pay so much money for the best durian they can find!

But after devouring the delicious durian, all satisfied, what will you do with the durian seeds?

don’t throw away your durian seeds! you can turn them into chips!Photo via Facebook (Rozana Hashim AsSalihin)

You’d most likely just dump them into the bin, right? But did you know that the durian seeds can be turned into a delicious snack? 

Facebook user Rozana Hashim AsSalihin shared a cool recipe to turn the seeds, which we would usually throw away, into some delicious chips!

...and it’s pretty simple!

First, you need to clean the durian seed and peel the brown skin. However, this is optional, you can leave the skin on if you want to!

Next, you have to soak the clean seeds in salt water overnight. After soaking them for one whole night, you can start slicing the durian seed into chips and then let them sit for an hour. 

After that, you fry them! Fry the seeds over low fire and constantly mix it as it takes time for the seeds to turn crispy. Once they are fried and crispy, you might want to season it with seasoning of your choice. 

don’t throw away your durian seeds! you can turn them into chips!Photo via Facebook (Rozana Hashim AsSalihin)

According to, durian seeds are filled with nutrients like fiber, zinc, calcium and carbohydrates. 

They also hold a high starch content, which many food technologists and scientists regard durian seeds as a potential candidate for a lot of other food substitutes. 

However, they can only be eaten when cooked because the raw seeds contain cyclopropene fatty acids which can be toxic and possibly carcinogenic, which means it can be a possible cause of cancer. 

Aside from frying, durian seeds can also be eaten boiled. Some even said it tastes like a potato but with not much flavour. 

Would you try this?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat