Don’t Forget That Animal Abuse Is A Crime!

Oh no, this is so cruel!

The Malaysia Animal Society (MAA) has shared another video on Facebook, of a cat being cruelly dragged by a man riding a bicycle.

In the video, a rope can be seen attached to the cat’s neck, while it was being dragged by the unidentified cyclist.

The post said: “This footage of a cat being dragged by a man cycling along Sungai Udang Jetty in Perak is cruel. The law is being challenged now as more and more people know about the legal action taken against animal cruelty.”

don’t forget that animal abuse is a crime!Photo via Facebook (Malaysia Animal Society)

The Animal Welfare Act 2015 does not have any impact on animal abusers in this country. 

MAA urged the government to implement more severe consequences for acts of animal cruelty so offenders will take it seriously.

“The Malaysia Animal Society demands the government improve the kind of consequences borne by animal abusers under the Animal Welfare Act 2015 by including whipping for those who cause death or injury to animals,” they said.

No animal deserves to be treated this way! If you can’t love them, then just walk away… 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat