Well-Behaved Doggo in Sarawak Waits Patiently for Green Light Before Crossing the Road

One law-abiding Malaysian on four legs is winning hearts online – a stray dog in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, who decided to follow traffic rules and wait for the green light before crossing the road!

Shared by a user named Zaf on his page @zaf4795, the video captured the heartwarming moment when the little dog joined the line of vehicles, patiently waiting for the traffic light to change.

well-behaved doggo in sarawak waits patiently for green light before crossing the roadPhoto via TikTok (@zaf4795)

As the light turned green for the lane where the dog was standing, it didn't miss a beat. With a keen sense of the traffic flow, the clever canine swiftly crossed the road, joining the other road users in their journey.

The video has amused Malaysians online, with many expressing awe at the dog's intelligence and adherence to traffic rules. 

Comments flooded in, highlighting the dog's understanding of when to stop and when to move, “Even dogs know that the red light means it’s time to stop,” remarked one amused user.

Others praised the dog for its intelligence and sent well-wishes for its safety on its apparent solo journey, recognizing it as a stray. 

@zaf4795 Anjing menunggu lampu isyarat hijau untuk melintas #anjing #anjingpintar ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

The heartwarming story of this law-abiding canine has resonated with Malaysians, showcasing how even our four-legged friends can bring joy and amusement to our daily lives.