Doggo In the Philippines Receives Parcel While Owner Is Away, Netizens Amused

Love shopping online but often find yourself away from home when your packages arrive? Here's a creative solution: let your canine companion handle it for you.

doggo in the philippines receives parcel while owner is away, netizens amusedPhoto via Facebook (Meg Gabest)

One user recently delighted her followers with an endearing photo of her furry friend, Marveigh, taking delivery of a package. The touching image quickly captured the attention of online users, who couldn't help but express their fondness for the heartwarming scene.

Meg Gabest, the proud pet owner, shared the story behind the photograph, explaining, "This sweet moment happened just yesterday. Typically, in the afternoons, I'm not at home because of work, and my boyfriend, who usually works upstairs, leaves Marveigh alone in our living room."

She went on to say, "But yesterday was different. Nobody was downstairs, so my boyfriend entrusted the package to Marveigh. Luckily, she refrained from any mischief, despite still being in her teething phase and occasionally chewing on things. 

“Initially, I had no clue where the delivery person had left the package until I checked the proof of delivery on Lazada. That's when I discovered that Marveigh had warmly greeted the delivery person, and he left the package in her care."

Happy Friday! Nasa Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital na ang Marveigh namin 🐶 Thank you po for featuring our baby girl 😊

Posted by Meg Gabest on Thursday, 6 July 2023

The heartwarming photograph prompted a flood of responses and reactions from moved netizens, all eager to share their thoughts on this delightful moment.