Doctor Falsely Diagnosed A Patient As Being Pregnant When Clearly, She Was Not

While we shouldn’t be visiting any random website to google our symptoms if we fall sick, doctors are human beings too and they may not necessarily be right all the time.

One netizen shared her experience after being misdiagnosed recently, by a doctor who claimed she was pregnant!

Twitter user, Syaimaa Zailany (@syaimaa_zailany),  told her story via screenshots of her Instagram account. She said she first visited the clinic after experiencing pain for almost a week. After the doctor conducted the necessary screening and urine check, the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant.

doctor falsely diagnosed a patient as being pregnant when clearly, she was not

Photo: Twitter @syaimaa_zailany

She was upset and confused, as to the best of her knowledge, she had never had any sexual relations before.

The female doctor, however, insisted that she was right and that she has encountered many patients like Syaimaa who lied about their sexual history.

Syaimaa was furious and just couldn’t believe what was happening (as would any of us!).

She immediately went for another checkup at a different hospital to find out that she actually had appendicitis!

doctor falsely diagnosed a patient as being pregnant when clearly, she was notPhoto: Twitter @syaimaa_zailany

She was admitted to the hospital ward for her condition, but she managed to tweet just how angry she was at the previous doctor that not only caused unnecessary stress to her, but also to her poor sister who was there with her when she was told she was “pregnant”.

Syaimaa’s tweet has since gone viral with more than 15,000 retweets, inviting netizens to share their experiences with doctors who had misdiagnosed their conditions.

One doctor also commented on how patients should be treated to avoid the same incident from happening.

Syaimaa has since been discharged and has also visited the hospital again to get further explanation. Although she did not manage to meet the doctor that misdiagnosed her, the doctor’s colleagues reassured Syaimaa that the doctor is a good doctor and that she may have been under a lot of pressure at the time due to the high volume of patients.

We hope this story will serve as a lesson to everyone to not jump to conclusions and to always handle things professionally and seek second opinions if you are unsure, especially if it’s something concerning your health.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya