“Leftovers!” Dismayed Customer Experiences a Disappointing RM27 Seafood Soup at Restaurant

Expressing her disbelief, a woman from Johor recently shared her disappointment on a food-based community Facebook group after receiving a seafood soup at a local restaurant that appeared to have an inadequate amount of ingredients.

According to her post, she had ordered a medium-sized seafood soup at a restaurant in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, for the price of RM27. 

However, when the soup was served, she was shocked by the scarcity of seafood in it.

“leftovers!” dismayed customer experiences a disappointing rm27 seafood soup at restaurantPhoto via Facebook (吃的平台)

To convey the extent of the issue, the customer posted two videos demonstrating the meagre ingredients in the soup. In one video, she scooped all the components out of the claypot and placed them into a bowl, revealing only one prawn, one tiny slice of fish, some small pieces of squid, and a few lettuce leaves.

Expressing her dissatisfaction, she wrote, "When the soup was served, we couldn't believe it, so we called the store owner to confirm. He told us definitively that this was a medium-sized seafood soup worth RM27."

In a sarcastic tone, she questioned, "The main question I want to ask is if this is the restaurant's medium-sized soup... How do you divide one prawn between two people to eat?" She further mentioned that the restaurant only served medium and large-sized seafood soups, with no option for a small-sized portion.

The Facebook post has gained significant attention, accumulating over 1,100 reactions and numerous comments from netizens who share the customer's disbelief. 

One Facebook user humorously questioned, "Are those someone else's leftovers?"

This incident serves as a reminder that restaurant owners should uphold a sense of responsibility when determining the price and portion size of their offerings. This incident, echoed by the sentiments of many netizens, emphasises the importance of maintaining honesty and fairness in the culinary industry.