M’sian Food Delivery Riders Band Together To Send Food To Flood Victims In Johor

Malaysians never disappoint when it comes to helping each other!

Non-stop rain has caused flooding in six states, with the southern state of Johor the worst hit. Over 43,000 people have been moved to temporary relief shelters nationwide as of Tuesday (7 March).

m’sian food delivery riders band together to send food to flood victims in johorPhoto via TikTok (@thetoratora)

And because of that, our delivery riders have decided to band together to help carry food and other necessities to many of the flood relief centers. 

In a video, shared by TikTok user @thetoratora, shows a group of delivery riders working together to help transport food and other items to a few relief centers located in Batu Pahat in Johor.

The “Ride Amal” programme, which started on Sunday (5 March) brought the delivery riders to a temporary relief center at a chinese school in Parit Imam, Batu Pahat and then the next day at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Broleh, Batu Pahat. 

It was also mentioned in the videos that the meals were prepared by a restaurant, “Bubur Kangkung” in Parit Besar. 

Their video has since garnered over 5,600 views at the time of writing. 

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Malaysians commended the riders for their efforts and praised them for being selfless and kind. 

“It’s always the rakyat, helping the rakyat.”

“Thank you for your help! You guys are amazing. Hopefully everything goes well for all of you and keep up the good work,” one person commented. 

This touched our hearts! What a kind and selfless thing to do!