Delivery Rider Settles Outstanding Payment Of Kid Who Paid For Order In Coins

delivery rider settles outstanding payment of kid who paid for order in coins

Photo via Twitter

Recently, Twitter user @idealuzair shared a series of text messages between him and his friend, Faiz, who works as a delivery rider, about an order that may have affected Faiz’s daily earnings for the day… 

But Faiz’s actions and how he handled the situation will probably come back to reward him someday.

According to the conversation, Faiz had successfully delivered an order to a kid but was surprised to receive his payment in coins!

Trusting that the kid had paid the full amount of RM28.50, Faiz accepted the payment and only counted the coins later.

It turned out, the kid only paid RM18, so Faiz decided to see how this was going to be settled, and this is the conversation that followed:

The kid explained that he had placed the order without his parents’ knowledge, and Faiz jokingly threatened to report the issue to the police, and also asked for his father’s phone number.

And in the most kesian part of the story, the kid repeatedly apologised to Faiz and pleaded that he come back to collect the outstanding payment, and further explained that he really just wanted to eat something.

All in good faith, Faiz decided to get the rest of the bill, and offered the kid some advice instead saying, “Don’t cheat people, next time.”

Good on you, Faiz!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob