M’sians Praise Delivery Rider For Admitting His Mistake After Getting Into Accident

It’s easy to get angry and blame others when we’re involved in a car accident. 

Blaming someone else is easy because it explains what happened and takes the responsibility and accountability off our shoulders.

m’sians praise delivery rider for admitting his mistake after getting into accidentPhoto via TikTok (@onsir11)

However, recently, one Malaysian was praised by netizens when he admitted his mistake instead of getting angry or blaming the driver

The driver, Andrew Cheah explains in his TikTok video that he got into a little accident with a delivery rider. 

After the collision, he stopped his car at the side of the road to inspect the damage when he saw the delivery rider also stopping at the side of the road and later got off his motorcycle to apologise for his mistake. 

Andrew said he was shocked when he heard the young man apologising: “It all comes from the heart,” his caption reads.

The damage on Andrew’s car was minor, and the delivery rider even offered to pay for the damage caused by the collision. 

Andrew, who was curious, then asked the young man: “Why didn’t you run away?” in which he replied: “It was my fault, how could I run away?”

Impressed by his answer, Andrew then asked how much he was earning as a delivery rider and also his age. Apparently he was only 19-years-old and earns around RM80 a day as a delivery rider. 

Andrew decided to let him go saying: “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

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The video has since garnered over 5 million views at the time of writing.

Netizens took to the comment section applauding the young man for his honesty and they also praised Andrew for being patient and kind.