“Support My New Song!” Rider Puts Note On ‘Delivery Bag’ To Promote His New Song

Making it in the music industry is difficult because of the sheer number of people who want to do it. There are thousands of aspiring musicians out there, and only a handful of them make it big.

Apparently, it is one of the most competitive industries out there, and it is one of the most difficult industries to break into. However, as we’ve all been told, hard work always pays off, so never give up on your dreams! 

Recently, a tweet, shared by user @syvzwvn went viral showing a delivery rider who has a note on his ‘delivery bag’ asking people to listen and support his new song, “Hey guys, can please support my new song ‘Amuthavalli’ on YouTube,” the note reads.

His song, which was posted on YouTube on 16 December in 2022 has since garnered over 263,000 views and 4,796 thousand comments at the time of writing. 

Many people commented on the video saying that they came to support after seeing the viral photo, “I came from Twitter to support you! The music video is very cute.”

“I’m here to support. Though I don’t understand the song, the beat and music video is awesome. Keep it up, bro!” said one person.

Look at ALL that support and love he got from netizens! Malaysians are one of a kind!