Delivery Rider Writes Mother's Phone Number On Bag “In Case Something Happens,” M’sians Touched!

Heading out into the big world can be scary for young adults, but it's even tougher for parents who have to let them go without knowing what might happen…

delivery rider writes mother's phone number on bag “in case something happens,” m’sians touched!Photo via TikTok (@mncuso__)

A viral TikTok video recently caught Malaysian netizens’ attention, shared by user @mncuso__ who filmed a quick moment of a delivery rider at a stoplight!

What stood out was something sweet on the back of his delivery bag – his mom's phone number.

Not just that, he also had his motorcycle license plate on the bag, maybe to be safe in case something bad happened.

The video had a caption saying, "You're really amazing, buddy. If something goes wrong, tell your mom first."

Lots of people who saw the video got really touched. They all hoped the Grab rider stays safe and protected while doing his job.

@mncuso__ Saham besar akhirat bro. #grabfood #fypmalaysia ♬ atlantis - vinn

One person shared a funny thing, saying, "I have my mom's number on my phone screen just in case. But I don't know if she'd pick up because her phone is always on silent!" 

This brought a bit of laughter to the heartfelt message, showing that, in the end, we all share the same feelings of care and love.