Delivery Rider Helps Customer Apologize To Girlfriend With Sweet Note Attached To The Food Order

Every romantic relationship has its fair share of arguments, but what matters most is how we deal with them.

Of course, instead of involving other people, we'd try to handle it ourselves most of the time. That isn't always the case, though. External support, in whatever shape it may take, is sometimes required.

delivery rider helps customer apologize to girlfriend with sweet note attached to the food orderPhoto via Twitter (@eden_haikal)

"You're definitely FISHticated."

Singapore Twitter user @edenhaikal, had apparently gotten into an argument with his girlfriend. As a lovely gesture, the man decided to have some wonderful sushi brought to her place in order to put a smile on her face and apologize for whatever had happened.

In a now-viral tweet, he recalls his encounter with Iman, the delivery rider, who went above and beyond to ensure that this couple didn't have a bad day.

The customer had requested a handwritten note on the delivery via the 'Note to Driver' tool, which reads, "Please accept my apologies for earlier, and please enjoy your lunch, which will at the very least leave you smiling. Are you sushi, girl? You're soFISHticated."

Iman, who is initially hesitant, agrees to do it if the sushi restaurant where he is picking up the sushi has a pen and paper.

He also takes advantage of the customer by demanding a S$50 tip.

Iman, on the other hand, completes the task, writing the small message on the back of the order receipt.

As if getting the job done wasn't enough, Iman goes above and beyond by reassuring the customer, telling him that arguments are normal in a relationship. He even goes into detail about his personal life, revealing that he is married and has a son

"Wife her up quickly if you want her permanently," he advises the customer.

This is so nice! We hope that Haikal and his girlfriends are okay now!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat