Delivery Rider's Reckless Act Goes Viral, Kicking Customer's Food Out of Eatery Sparks Outrage

When we order food from delivery services, it's only natural to expect that our meals will be handled with care and respect. 

However, there are instances when this basic expectation is not met, and it's crucial to address such behaviour to promote good conduct among delivery riders and ensure customer satisfaction.

delivery rider's reckless act goes viral, kicking customer's food out of eatery sparks outragePhoto via Twitter (@MALAYSIAVIRALL)

Recently, a video of a food delivery rider has been circulating on social media, drawing attention to the issue at hand. In the footage, the rider can be seen picking up a packed meal from a restaurant before shockingly dropping it on the floor and kicking it out the door. The restaurant staff and customers present at the eatery were understandably upset and fuming at the situation.

The incident has sparked outrage online, with many users expressing their disappointment at such reckless behaviour. The popular Malaysian page, MALAYSIA MOST VIRAL, also shared the video, urging delivery riders to remain professional and considerate in their duties. They highlighted that if a rider is not in the right frame of mind to work, it's better to take a break or turn off the application instead of resorting to thoughtless actions that can harm the reputation of both the rider and the company.

It's important to remember that delivery riders often work for multiple companies while wearing the branded attire of a particular company. Thus, it is not advisable to judge an entire company based on the actions of one individual rider. However, this incident does serve as a reminder of the responsibility that delivery riders carry as representatives of their respective companies.

To address the issue and ensure accountability, the delivery rider involved in the incident is currently under investigation. This is a positive step towards promoting better behaviour and setting a standard for all delivery riders to follow.

As customers, we play a role in shaping the behaviour of service providers. By being respectful and understanding towards delivery riders, we can encourage them to uphold good conduct in their profession. 

At the same time, companies should also provide proper training and guidance to their riders to ensure they deliver their services with professionalism and integrity.

Let's use this incident as an opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of good behaviour and respect in the food delivery industry. 

Together, we can create a positive and respectful environment, ensuring that customers receive their orders with the care and attention they deserve.