Delivery Rider Caught On Video Chasing Car That Was Running Away From Police

Abang delivery is everywhere!

delivery rider caught on video chasing car that was running away from policePhoto via Twitter (@jilmisai)

A recent viral video that went viral on Twitter showed what appeared to be a chase between several police vehicles and a black car.

The car is seen crashing into the back of one of the police cars that managed to corner it before attempting to drive away and flee.

At that point, a food delivery rider appeared out of nowhere and appeared to be chasing the black car at a high speed. However, what happened next is not known nor the reason why the police were chasing the car in the first place. 

The video has gained a lot of attention after going viral on different social media sites. Many Malaysians found the delivery rider amusing and jokingly said that the car driver ordered some food to be paid by cash, hence why the delivery rider was chasing it. 

But jokes aside, many also praised the delivery rider for his bravery, “His bravery is like nothing else!” one person said.

The video has since garnered over 254,600 views at the time of writing. 

So brave! But remember, guys, if you are on a motorcycle, chasing a car can be very dangerous so don’t do it!

Be safe on the road.