Delivery Rider Blocks Parking Space for OKU-Dependent Drivers, Ignores Request To Move Motorcycle

A recent TikTok video shed light on an unfortunate incident near a Klang clinic, emphasizing the critical need for consideration towards others, particularly in parking spaces designated for individuals with disabilities (OKU).

delivery rider blocks parking space for oku-dependent drivers, ignores request to move motorcyclePhoto via TikTok (@ikramsbri)

The video captures a distressing scene where a wheelchair-bound individual, who was preparing to vacate his parking space for another dependent driver, found his exit blocked by a delivery rider who had inconsiderately parked his motorcycle, obstructing both drivers.

Outraged by this irresponsible act, the affected man felt compelled to share the video on social media as a cautionary example of behavior delivery riders should avoid when interacting with fellow citizens. The caption accompanying the footage expressed disbelief at such behavior, setting the tone for viewers.

The video begins with a driver assisting his father into the car, all while capturing on his dashcam the delivery rider carelessly swerving into their path. Seemingly oblivious to the imminent departure of the car, the rider nonchalantly parks his bike and leaves.

Frustrated by the rider's lack of consideration, the man begins reprimanding him, pointing out that the car is about to exit the parking space. Despite the plea, the rider remains indifferent, exacerbating the already tense situation. The man expresses his exasperation, emphasizing the futility of arguing with someone displaying such a mindset.

He urges the rider to move his bike, emphasizing that doing so would not jeopardize the delivery…


Apa masalah dia ? Aku nak masuk klinik pun nak kena hadap orang macamni ke😠

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This incident serves as a poignant reminder for everyone to be mindful of the needs of those around them, especially in spaces designated for individuals with special requirements.