DBKL Dance Crew Showcases Traditional Malaysian Attire in Deepavali Celebration Performance!

As Deepavali approaches, Malaysians from diverse cultural backgrounds are embracing the spirit of celebration in their own distinctive ways. 

Demonstrating their creativity, the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) Dance Crew shared a brief video on their TikTok page @dbkldancecrew.

dbkl dance crew showcases traditional malaysian attire in deepavali celebration performance!Photo via TikTok (@dbkldancecrew)

In the video, the dance crew is elegantly dressed in traditional Malaysian attire representing various cultures. They come together to perform a quick dance routine set to Pitbull's "Fireball," infusing their moves with energy and enthusiasm.

Their post is captioned with the phrase, "Deepavali vibe started," hinting at the beginning of the festive atmosphere. 

Although the specific details of their upcoming performances remain undisclosed, it's likely that more will be revealed in the coming week.

The dance crew's short performance has received widespread acclaim, with many Malaysians applauding their collaboration and the seamless harmony displayed in their dance. 

@dbkldancecrew Deepavali Vibe Started 🪔 #fyp #foryou #dbkldancecrew #deepavali ♬ Fireball Challenge - 🕺🏼Hoodie fam🌏

This heartening display of unity showcases the rich cultural diversity and the celebratory spirit that characterizes Malaysia during festivals like Deepavali.