DBKL Encourages Malaysians to Support These 3 Homeless Shelters with Food Donations This Ramadan

During Ramadan, Malaysia grapples with a significant issue: food wastage. In 2023 alone, bazaars discarded a whopping 53 tons of food daily. That is a lot of food!

Recently, the Fakta Bukan Auta Twitter page shared three shelters where Malaysians can donate food this Ramadan, thanks to an initiative by the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL).

They pointed out, "Did you know that you can donate food to the homeless in KL this Ramadan? You can drop off your donations at these three locations: Anjung Kembara at the Kuala Lumpur Transit Centre for the Homeless, Medan Tuanku Homeless Service Centre, and Chow Kit Community Learning Centre."

dbkl encourages malaysians to support these 3 homeless shelters with food donations this ramadanPhoto via NST

But why these shelters specifically? Here's why!

These shelters have committed staff who ensure that the donated food is safe to eat before distributing it to those in need. By donating to these shelters, you're not only preventing food wastage but also providing clean and nutritious meals to vulnerable communities.

"When there's organised effort like this, it helps reduce waste and maintain cleanliness. The main priority is the quality of the food," emphasised one spokesperson.

"Even though the recipients may be homeless, it's essential that the food provided is clean and nutritious. Happy Ramadan."

As Ramadan commences, let's make a pledge to minimise food wastage and extend a helping hand to those in need. To all our Muslim friends, may this Ramadan bring you abundant blessings and happiness.

Selamat berpuasa, guys!