6-Year-Old Daughter With Kind Intentions Take RM1.5K From Her Father’s Wallet To Help Friends in Need

Children possess a unique innocence that seldom harbors ill intentions. Driven by their pure hearts, their actions often stem from a genuine desire to help, even if they fail to consider the consequences.

In a recent TikTok post on the account @wanisckt, Erwan, a father from Penang, Malaysia, shared an incident that unfolded in his household. 

6-year-old daughter with kind intentions take rm1.5k from her father’s wallet to help friends in needPhoto via TikTok (@wanisckt)

He recounted an episode of misplacing RM1,500 in cash within his home. Swiftly rectified, the discovery, however, held an unexpected twist. The money, as Erwan uncovered, had been taken by his own daughter and concealed in her bag.

Among her belongings were jumbled RM50 banknotes, a concerning sight for any parent. To witness a child involved in such an act raises alarms, yet the motive behind her actions proved to be far from what one might assume.

"They need the help, Dad"

It's essential to reiterate that stealing is never a justifiable course of action!

Rather than succumb to anger and punishment, Erwan opted for a different approach… He engaged his daughter in a conversation, aiming to understand her perspective and the circumstances that led to this incident.

With a tender heart, Erwan's 6-year-old daughter revealed her motive: she had taken the money to aid her fellow students.

Guiding his daughter with words of wisdom, Erwan emphasized the importance of not repeating such actions. The little girl sat attentively, absorbing her father's teachings.

This poignant episode reached its climax when, one day, Erwan picked his daughter up from school. It was then that the truth behind the missing money came to light.


Bertuah punya anak


The incident serves as a touching reminder that children's actions, though misguided, often stem from a place of empathy and good intentions. While the response to such situations must prioritize guidance and education, the incident also underscores the importance of nurturing open communication within families.