Datuk Pandelela: Using Her Platform To Create Awareness On Social Issues

Datuk Pandelela Rinong admits she found it daunting to publicly share her experiences of sexual harassment.

datuk pandelela: using her platform to create awareness on social issuesPhoto via The Star

However, the national diver hopes that it will encourage more people to speak up over the serious issue.

“I had no idea how people will react to my thoughts or comments, but I told myself that it is more important to be truthful and honest, and to also be brave about what I feel strongly.”

She says her followers mainly comprise young people between the ages of 16 to 35.

Because of this, she tries to spread positive messages in hopes of inspiring the youth.

She adds that she has recently become vocal about social issues, to raise awareness on bullying, sexual harassment, and mental wellness.

Even though it was tough to come out publicly about her own experiences, she insists she must play her part to support victims.

“Of course, it is a little scary to be vulnerable, but I believe that what is right needs to be told out there because if I’m not brave enough to talk, then what about the others who have little voice or no voice at all?”

She recently claimed that the was forced to endure sexual jokes by her coach for seven years.

Pandelela was speaking at a press conference to support social media users’ safety and mental well-being.

By: Elle Firdouz