Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza’s Nigerian Fan In Tears After Tokti Reshared Her Video!

Who doesn’t know Dato’ Seri Siti Nurhaliza- Malaysia’s number one singer, who is also very well-known on the international stage, too?

Recently, Siti Nurhaliza released her latest single and music video, titled ‘Siapa Tak Mahu’ which has now reached over 1 million views on Youtube! We’d expect nothing less from the Queen! 

A Nigerian girl, known as Clevy Umoh, uploaded a reaction video on her YouTube channel and was super elated when she found out that her video was shared by Siti Nurhaliza herself! What a dream come true! 

In her Instagram, Dato’ Siti wrote: “It makes me happy to see reactions from fans that are outside of the country. It’s true, music can really unite us even though you can really understand the words.”

Clevy was so moved that she even shed a few tears of happiness while thanking Dato’ Siti and her viewers. 

She also received many praises and congratulations on her YouTube comment sections from kind Malaysians, for successfully getting the attention of the country’s number one singer.

dato’ siti nurhaliza’s nigerian fan in tears after tokti reshared her video!

We’re so happy for you, Clevy! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat