Cutest Ever! Puppy Falls Into Drain & Tries To Escape Abang Bomba Who Was Trying To Save Him

Not all heroes wear capes! Sometimes they wear an orange camouflage uniform!

Our Abang Bomba don’t only put out fires or save humans in distress, but sometimes they get called to help cats stuck in trees or puppies stuck in a drain. 

cutest ever! puppy falls into drain & tries to escape abang bomba who was trying to save himPhoto via Facebook (Izzat Izwan)

Izzat Izwan, who is a firefighter and a YouTuber recently shared a video of his colleague, Alex attempting to save a puppy that fell into a big drain. 

The puppy can be seen running around in the drain, probably thinking the firefighter was there to play with him. How adorable!

The firefighter  who was behind the camera can be heard giving instructions to both the firefighter in the drain and the puppy, “Come lah, we’re here to help you! Here, come here!” 

The puppy then started struggling, trying to escape firefighter Alex’s strong grip. Other firefighters then instructed Alex to let the puppy calm down.

“Hang on, let it calm down. It’s okay, let it calm down first. He’s scared, he’s scared. It’s okay, we’re doing everything we can to save you,” said the firefighter behind the camera. 

“It doesn’t understand what’s going on. It’s okay,” said another. 

Abang bomba selamatkan Anak anjing jatuh longkang

Ayat last sekali tak boleh tahan “ takpa-takpa dia tak faham”🤣🤣😅apa2 pun terbaik pegawai bomba dar BBP Cyberjaya kita PB ALEX dan PBK II KUP FAUZI tukang bagi arahan😜 semoga korang sentiasa dilindungi Allah amin🤲🏻☺️

Posted by Izzat izwan on Monday, February 28, 2022

The video has since garnered 636 thousand views!

This is so sweet! Thank you Abang Bomba, for always keeping Malaysians save, including the little furry ones.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat