Netizens Criticise Customer For Not Opening Their Door For The Delivery Man

Cash on delivery or COD is exactly what it is: a payment made by cash after a delivery is made rather than the time of order. 

netizens criticise customer for not opening their door for the delivery manPhoto via Twitter (ISU SEMASA VIRAL)

An example of cash on delivery that we all might recognise is paying for pizza when it is brought to your door.

But sometimes cash on delivery can be a hassle for these delivery men because there have been instances where customers did not have any cash with them, refusing to answer the door or are not at home when the delivery man arrives at their doorstep.

Recently, a delivery man vented his frustrations at a customer who had requested the COD payment for their items, however they refused to open the door. 

“Please do not choose COD if you want privacy. I was knocking on the door and was ignored, while I could hear a child’s voice and their mother behind the door,” the delivery man wrote. 

There is even a note on the door saying: “Please greet and knock on the door. But if you knock more than 3 times and the door is not open, PLEASE do not knock again.

“Thank you for respecting our privacy,” the note reads. 

“I have tried calling, texting and even sending them a WhatsApp message, but there was no answer.

Netizens took to the comment section to condemn the customer’s behaviour saying that they’re being rude for disregarding the delivery man, “Just keep banging on the door until it breaks,” says one person. 

“I was a delivery man once and had the same experience. The customer scolded me for coming to their house, but they were the ones who told the delivery company that it’s okay to come at that time.”

Aiyo, the poor delivery man! Please don’t do this, guys and respect other people’s time as well!