“Ridiculous Price!" M'sian Customer Charged RM8 For Rice And Ikan Bilis, Sparks Netizens Outcry

A recent complaint shared on the Cempedak Cheese Facebook page highlighted the grievance of a customer who was charged RM8 for a serving of rice and some fried ikan bilis. 

“ridiculous price! m'sian customer charged rm8 for rice and ikan bilis, sparks netizens outcryPhoto via Facebook (Cempedak Cheese)

To put this in perspective, for RM8, one could easily enjoy a complete meal of nasi lemak with chicken. The customer expressed their frustration, stating: "Rice and ikan bilis, RM8. Don’t cheat people lah!"

The customer originally intended to purchase only rice but decided to add some fried ikan bilis, thinking it would allow the shop owner to make a little extra profit. However, the shop owner seemed to take advantage of the situation, resulting in an exorbitant price for the simple dish.

The customer, while disappointed, chose not to disclose the name of the eatery. They emphasized the unjustifiably high pricing and criticized the shop owner's approach, questioning whether such pricing was appropriate, stating, "The pricing is the reason (you’re being called out) and the way you do things is not right."

Nasik + ikan bilis..RM8..jgn penaya org la.. niat aku nak beli nasik saja..mcm tak padan beli nasik tu aku tambah la...

Posted by Cempedak Cheese on Saturday, 6 January 2024

Acknowledging the challenges faced by small business owners amid rising costs, the customer stressed that resorting to deceiving customers with such inflated prices is not an acceptable solution. 

The post serves as a cautionary tale, urging others to be vigilant and not fall prey to such practices.